Toyland Trouble + BONUS TRACKS

by Jesse Jace Thomas

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Originally released August 13, 2011 with 11 tracks, Toyland Trouble is an electro-assisted "laptop pop" album. Slightly more electronics-dependent than 2002's Places At Night, Toyland Trouble's lyrics address the central themes of nostalgia, responsibility and the rocky transition into emotional adulthood. This re-release presents the album in higher audio quality and adds three bonus tracks: "Chrysanthemum Rock" (a cover of the Casper Milktoast song), "Final Frost" and "Theme from Big Walk VIII."

American Dodgeball Records


released November 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Jesse Jace Thomas Saitama, Japan

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Track Name: 下北沢
I begin to see why you'd want to keep this to yourself
The old and the new so rarely engaging
Because it's difficult, it's delicacy
Her every charm is still working on me
And my connection is easy to see without a glass

I don't mind to stay if you don't mind to keep me to yourself
The deafening song of an unseen army
The fire beneath me has smoldered and cooled
We smile the way we did when we were in school
My gossamers are still heavy on the spool, there's still time
Complete this line
Track Name: The Lighthouse
Boy 15 awake in bed with bandages around his head
All courtesy of Utsumi who wrapped him up so carefully
She says she has to lock him in, not everyone is trusting him
I'll bring some food so wait a while, all punctuated with a smile

To keep her cool is such a chore, she's never touched a boy before
Infatuation makes her blind although she says she knows his kind
Now grinning with inverted head beside the pillow on the bed
Just maybe she knows what she has, she meets his eyes and they she says:

Do you know what this means?

Girl 9 a nervous wreck is sure that Boy 15's a threat
She clutches at a little vial her fingers sweating all the while
Danger's here she has a hunch so pour the poison in his lunch
It won't take much, he'll die quite soon after he's let out of his room

But Girl 16 has a taste and pays directly for her haste
Now trust is broken as are hearts and then the real violence starts
Our leading fellow, right or not, the soul survivor or this plot
Girl 9 from the lighthouse vaults, "It's not my fault it's not my fault"

Do you know what this means?

Is your life small enough to fit it just one hand?
We don't want to know, but we must understand
Track Name: Chrysanthemum Rock (Bonus Track)
Keeping you away from the scarlet-throated schemers
No more acting out of courtesy and working for the cleaners
This courtship is a murder and the killer is so pretty
I look at her, she sees me doing laps around the city

And where's the girl whose name is like the flower symbol of longevity?

A traitor with a t-shirt that says "rage against the bug"
My eyes are on her while I'm doing laps around the rug
In keeping you away from vermillion-collar slime
I got your number, somehow I forget it every time

And where is my disdain when I can't draw the lines that show her face to me?

You were a bad kid / That's what you told me, anyhow
We didn't know each other then / It's my reward to know you now

This way is better / Your name's not short for anything

A silly innuendo has me tugging at my collar
And I'm kicking at the pop machine because it ate my dollar
The jukebox, it is loud, and the donuts, they are small
But you can have my donuts, you can have them, take them all

And how can I explain the things she did that made her seem so great to me?
Track Name: Butterfly
A polymer protects the skin
And seals the healthy color in
A dark cascade of perfect hair
A spreading wake of perfumed air
Goodbye butterfly, this year will be your year to be
Goodbye butterfly, your secret is safe here with me

A predator by self-design
A tasteful mesh of curving lines
With atom-splitting fingertips
Made sharper yet with diamond chips
Goodbye butterfly, this year will be your year to be
Goodbye butterfly, your secret is safe here with me

She won't be poured from artist's brush
And nature's laws don't impress much
Like moth to flame, now burn and crash
The world inhales her windborne ash
Goodbye butterfly, this year will be your year to be
Goodbye butterfly, your secret is safe here with me
Track Name: Final Frost (Bonus Track)
The pressing air, you know its weight
The smell of grass beneath the rake
I breathe them in, they make me sneeze
My memories are made of these

It's not your job to tell both sides
When one team's right, the other lies
You may be judged or called uncouth
Just tell the truth

Mold of the winter shrinking away
Sun through my dark bedroom's open shade
Branches now bud, final frost is gone
Dead though they look, they are living on

See the pretty girl at table five
She got to concentrate just to stay alive
Idyllic scene but reality hides
Swim with these fish, get skeletonized

Then one day it occurs to me
There are some things that I can't be
Each time I ask I'll be denied
But I'll still try
Track Name: Red Balloon
Hey honeybee / Do you know what you’re doing?
You’re up to no good again
Hey knock it off / Or I will be ruined
A pin through my abdomen

When I see you going home
Like a pretty, red balloon
It hurts me so to see you go
But I hope that you’ll be gone soon

Hey hologram / hey banana peel
To trip up my first degree
Hey cut it out / you cannot be real
Don't need any doubt in me

This is what I meant to say:
Don't think badly of me
If I see you in the hall and I don't give you the time of day
Track Name: Charcoal
Leaning on the masonry / In the corner at the table across from me
You distracted my wandering eye / You mixed up my world although you didn't try

Every time I take the charcoal in my hand
Your likeness gets away in ways that I hadn’t planned
And as years go by it just fades away
It's been such a long time since I called out to you
And when you run away it's the worst thing you'll ever do

Leaning on your company / At the theater in the seats down in front of me
You derailed my train of thought / You hijacked the engine, but never got caught

Every time I take the charcoal in my hand
Your image flees from me in ways I don’t understand
And as years go by it just fades away
It's been a long time since I called out to you
And when you run away it's the worst thing you'll ever do

Let’s show them winning smiles / Let them hope for a while
Let every gaze snap true and then we'll end those fools

Leaning toward your property / In a province in a country across the sea
Far as my concern can go / It cries in your tracks, yeah, but you’ll never know

And every time I take the charcoal in my hand
Your likeness escapes me in ways I never planned
Furthermore, your figure drifts away
Track Name: Sandbath
Connected lives or lack thereof
With upturned eyes we see your troubled star above
Jump to a place so far from here
You overdraw accounts and abandon the hemisphere

Every day you said that you were happy
And every letter told us not to worry
All my friends, they have gone
Heading straight for the sun

Don't need this stranger's eye on you
You couldn't teach him even if you wanted to
Somebody failed the level test
One hand for heaven while your body takes a well-earned rest

Desert winds pounding on
Bones that bleach in the sun
(Bones that reach for the sun)

Now get you out from my insides
Adolescence fades to the color of your darkened eyes
Now heal the ones you left behind
Locate that refugee and respond in kind
Track Name: Go to Her
We lay in sun / We walk in snow
We're overgrown / with moss and vines
And when I speak / to fill the page
You know it's true / You can read my mind

Some voice says, "go to her" / I cannot disobey

I felt your eyes / behind my back
Our future fell / deep in doubt
And on the bus / I heard you cry
I said I'd try / We'd work it out

Some voice says, "go to her" / I cannot disobey

I wake up on the floor / A room I can't escape
Clean up and sign my name / They send me on my way
A light burns in the dark / I cannot look away
Some voice says, "go to her" / I cannot disobey

Go to her